Micropolis Monday: Dean Hill Radio Tower

Micropolis is more than just architecture. It is a system of collaborative urban planning and I love to create modules that are more than just buildings.

I don’t really know how the idea got in my head to build this module, but very quickly I knew that it was going to be a full block with a radio tower on a rocky hill with a windy access road.


Most of the work on this model was sculpting the hill and then layering on the dirt. I wanted to make sure that it looked like something that could exist and that the dirt access road would be visible if someone was looking for it.


It took some revisions, but I’m really happy with how dense the trees are and the contrasting chunkiness of the radio tower. It took me forever to find the antenna element for the top, but BrickLink classifies it as a support and I looked everywhere else first.


From above, it is easy to see the road that winds it way up the back side of the hill. I added the detail of a white commercial van at the top, just outside the walled area for the radio tower.

As I have for the last few of these models, I streamed the design process on Twitch last Friday and posted the recording to YouTube for later viewing. It might be worth checking out to see my Studio process.

I made a second pass at the design the next day, adding more trees and refining the design of the radio tower. I’m really happy with the final version.

Are you interested in more video content? Let me know in the comments.

Keep building and enjoy!

One thought on “Micropolis Monday: Dean Hill Radio Tower

  1. I’ve been enjoying watching your videos.

    I’ve used other 3d modeling programs but I’m new to studio and appreciate seeing your process on video.

    Haven’t watched any of them live on twitch, just on youtube.

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