Micropolis Monday: Huus Towers

Sometimes my buildings are inspired by architectural sculpture. When I saw it, I knew that I needed to build it. It took a few iterations, but it was worth it.


I love the solidity of this model. The crisp edges and the proportions work wonders together. The lavender is a bold color statement, but I think it fits.


The model fills the 3/4 block module, with only minimal room for landscaping. I built entrances at the base of each of the towers and added some details to the roof, but mostly this one is just a sculptural shape.

plan (orthographic)

I rendered this plan view without perspective so that we could see the building’s true footprint. I like how this one turned out, so I might start using this style of render more often.

I designed the model on my Friday night Twitch stream. The first iteration of the building didn’t wind up being everything that I hoped, as it was about 25% smaller. At that size, I wasn’t able to use bricks for the windows and had to settle for tiles.

After a poor night’s sleep, I realized that I really wanted to bring the model more into line with my original concept. So I started from scratch and built it over with bigger dimensions. The new dimensions called for different SNOT techniques, but the previous night’s work laid the foundation.

This model will need a fair amount of optimizing before I ever build it in real life. At well over 5000 elements the current bill of materials is hefty.

Next week I think I’ll change it up with something small and detailed.

Keep building and enjoy!