Micropolis Monday: Natural History Museum

I get most of my architectural inspiration from photography. This week’s building is no different, as I saw an image a while back with all the elements of this building: the sloping base, the tall stone and the vertical panes of glass. It took me a couple tries to make it my own.

The first draft of this building was bland, just a lot of stacked bricks and no landscaping. I hated it as soon as I saw the render. I had to sulk for a couple days before a much better design came to me.


This final version isn’t that different, but now it has a character of its own. I tried to evoke the painted desert, with layered stone and landscaping in the pastel hues of succulents. The windows are plated over a cube of SNOT bricks. The techniques are simple, but I’m quite happy with them.

Honestly, my biggest annoyance with this building now is that the corner slope doesn’t match the others. Unfortunately the shallower version isn’t made in the right colors.


Not a lot to see on the back side. A back door that doesn’t look like much.


From above we can see the small area of green roof in the center of the glass and a better view of the succulent garden.

Sometimes it takes a few tries. Sometimes the first draft is just crap. Other times, all it takes is a few edits. Either way, it is important to put in the work.

This cute little building is growing on me the more I look at it. I can’t wait to be able to build a physical copy and add it to my sprawling Micropolis city.

Keep building and enjoy!