Micropolis Monday: City Mutual Building

I’ve been really digging small brutalist buildings lately and my inspiration file is running over. This latest model is a perfect example, with hard concrete angles in a small package.


This building uses simple techniques, consisting mostly of stacked elements. The main complication came with the beveled corners at the bottom. Since there is no inverted version of this element, I used the same wedge as the top corners, but used a compact stud reversal on the inside to attach them.


The orange represents blinds that have been lowered to different degrees in each window. The effect adds a bit of visual complexity to what is otherwise a drab model.


The building has a mostly square footprint, with a lobby that protrudes on one facing. The roof is white with a bank of solar panels.

This is also one of the first buildings where I streamed the design process on Twitch. This has been a fun experiment, as I get to chat with viewers while I work and I hope that seeing my process will be interesting to other builders. I also recorded the stream so that I could post it on YouTube.

This whole streaming thing is new to me, so I’d love to hear feedback.

Keep building and enjoy!