Micropolis Monday: Masonry Houses

This week I decided to switch it up with a pair of big modern houses, but went with a masonry vibe.


I like the way these big blocky houses turned out. It’s a bit unlikely that anyone would build two houses like this side-by-side, but as I am starting my fourth full block of residential, I decided to take it easy on myself. Each house does have subtle differences in the elements used, but they both have the same large windows.


Around back, we can see that the different owners have varied taste in landscaping. One has planted small trees to supplement the fence in screening their small back yard from their neighbor. The other has planted some big flower beds.


From above, it is clear that the large footprints of these houses take up nearly half of each lot. The resulting houses are around 2700 square feet (which is only slightly larger than the average in the US). Each one has two banks of solar panels on the roof.

Another couple houses finished. I’m in the home stretch for my residential neighborhood.

Keep building and enjoy!