Micropolis Monday: Blue House and Empty Lot

This week I decided to build something that is common in many residential neighborhoods: the empty lot. In cities like Portland, most older houses have a basement, and when they get torn down, the basement remains.


This cute little blue house has lost its neighbor. The house is gone, but the concrete is still there for now. I tried to capture the torn-up and uneven lot with a mixture of plates and tiles (and a few weedy bits for good measure).


The blue house has a cute little fenced back yard, with a deck and some landscaping. All that is left in the empty lot is a bit of green around the edges and a lonely evergreen.


These houses must have started out as mirror images of each other. One must have been loved and the other neglected.

Well, that finishes out my third block of residential. One more to go!

Keep building and enjoy!