Micropolis Monday: Brown & Pink Houses

As much as I like building unusual houses, most houses aren’t that outlandish. This week I’ve built another pair of simple houses for my neighborhood.


More variations of my simple foursquare. The houses wind up looking very different by switching up the window style or adding a porch.


Here, one of the houses has a simple fence and a good sized deck. The pink house has opted for a screen of bamboo instead. I’m not sure how much I like that technique for representing, I wish there was an easy way (without a bunch of fiddly snot) to get the elements closer together.


These houses have a more modest footprint, so they manage to have usable back yards and nice set back from the street.

As I’m half way through my fourth block of residential, so it’s starting to get a bit hard to make every build original. Oh well, I’m still happy with my little houses. Come back next week for more.

Keep building and enjoy!