Micropolis Monday: Brown & Blue Houses

One last pair of houses. I’ve reached the point in this project where I am starting to mix older models with new, and as such I needed one last residential module to round out a block.


This is the first module that I’ve built this year that uses the standard Micropolis sidewalks. Though it means a few less trees, I did have a bit more room for my two houses. The reddish-brown house is three stories tall with an attached garage, and the little medium blue bungalow feels a bit diminutive.

I like how the pair turned out, each brimming with character, even though they use very simple building techniques.


I had fun with the magenta car around back. Nothing new as far as the simple yards go, but I think that they will fit in nicely with their neighbors.


Those extra studs allowed me to give the brown house a wider footprint without crowding the bungalow too much.

That’s it for this time. Next week I am thinking about a public space, possibly a small park.

Keep building and enjoy!