Micropolis Monday: Primary Houses

As I finish up my fourth block of residential, I must say that I’m more than a bit creatively exhausted. I’m happy with all of my little houses, but even happier that I get to start building other things soon!


I went with bright primaries for this week’s houses. They are simple variations on each other. The yellow house is a bit shorter, with dormers. The red is yet another of the foursquares that I so enjoy.


Around back, I gave the red house a solarium. It’s hard to see in this image, but that house also has a side door (though in retrospect, I should have put it on the same side as the shared driveway).


In plan, we can see the colorful landscaping around the yellow house, trading the front lawn for beds of flowers.

My fourth block ends with a pair of simple houses, but I think that they are perfect examples of how charming these little builds can be.

Until next week…

Keep building and enjoy!