Micropolis Monday: Tumble House

I’m finishing out my first month of Micropolis Mondays with a sprawling modern home: the Tumble House.


As the name implies, I designed Tumble House as a series of rectangular volumes that are connected in a dynamic fashion. This view from the street is mostly small windows. The house arches over a driveway that doubles as a breezeway through to the back.


On the back side of the house are larger windows, letting in more light and overlooking the spacious pool and patio. The house also has a green roof over to mitigate run off and provide an extra layer of insulation.


Seen from above, the house sprawls across the large lot and the walled patio takes up most of the remaining space. There is a small lawn on the side of the house, screened from the street by a row of small trees.

This is the largest of the houses that I’ve built so far, as I’d estimate the interior to be around 3500 square feet. Next week I’ll shift back to more modestly sized and densely placed homes.

Keep building and enjoy!