Micropolis Monday: Big House

This model is based on a house from one of my old neighborhoods. I used to walk by this big house on a corner lot just about every day. It had this cool, quasi-georgian style too it. That house was a cool, older house that had seen better days and I wanted to build my own version of it.


Honestly, my big house isn’t all that big of a house. The 4×5 footprint means that it is about 2250 square feet (not including basement), which is a bit below average based on census data. Still, I think the model has a nice quality of mass to it, with the blocky plan and high ceilings (4 plates or about 12 feet).


From behind, we can see the greenhouse and a vegetable garden just outside the back door. The detached garage is spacious and has carriage style doors. I really like how you can just make out the reddish-brown plate that the greenhouse is situated on.


In plan, we can see that the spacious lot is well utilized, with three structures and two gardens.

Next week I’ll finish off the block with another upscale modern home.

Keep building and enjoy!