Micropolis Monday: Mismatched Houses

This week’s houses started with some roof experimentation. Rooflines can be hard to capture in the Micropolis scale, which sits at an awkward point where it is hard to do complex things like dormers, yet it is equally hard to get smooth slopes at many angles.


The big house grew out of experimentation. I had use what parts were available in my studio and rework it a few times. I had originally imagined it a large-single family dwelling, but when I went to place it on the base, I realized that it made more sense as a duplex.

The red house is decidedly simpler. I really wish that there were mode slopes that joined together seamlessly. I didn’t have the room in this tiny model to create the half-plate rise that would have gotten rid of those jagged lines.


I kept the landscaping on these houses simple too; a fenced yard for one and a big leafy tree for the other. I really like how the fence turned out. By alternating the orientation of the pony-eared tiles, it evokes a fence where the boards are on alternating sides of the posts.


The big duplex shows off its complex roof nicely when viewed in plan.

See you next week.

Keep building and enjoy!