72003 Berserker Bomber

I don’t normally buy bad guy sets in the Nexo-Knights theme. I tend to be a magpie, drawn to bright colors, and their villains use drab color schemes. At the last PortLUG meeting, someone had this set and put a worm in my ear about a possible draft. So I decided to give it a try.

Most of the color that I’m seeing here is translucent elements. I really like that transparent bright green.

Just two big bags inside and a single instruction booklet. The few colors that are in the set really pop!

A nice small sticker sheet. I can totally see using these in some kind of sci-fi builds.

The first bag contains a pair of dramatic minifigs. This is a new design for Macy and the shirtless version of the cyber-vampire that I’ve seen in other sets in this wave. I’m loving his ridiculously large helmet with the lenticular horns in translucent bright green.

With the armor and helmets off, we can see how detailed their prints are. The prominent crests make the knight torsos hard to reuse, but there is some great sci-fi goodness here. I particularly like the yellowish highlights on the white guy to make him look even more sickly-weird.

The detailed prints continue on the back. The bad guy has a great cyborg alternate face.

A lot of interesting elements hiding in this set. Bag one gives us these fantastic arches follow the new arch styling with the small vertical lip at each end and this is only the second time they’ve been in black. The concave curved plates are new this year and this set has 6 of them! I’m also digging those translucent bright green 2×2 bricks, which I am fairly certain are unique to this set.

We build the body of the bomber and Macy’s gigantic jet pack in the first bag. Some clever technic integration on the bomber to make the body super solid. A lot of nice extras too!

The minifig in the second bag is identical to the guy I got in 72006 Axl’s Rolling Arsenal, but without the armor.

More of those lovely concave plates! A lot of other cool elements here, like those beveled corner tiles in bright yellowish green and the 6×6 round canopies in translucent bright green.

In the second bag we finish out the bomber and build the battle suit. There was some fun snot work on the bomber’s wings.

One of the cool play features on the bomber is that the battle suit actually fits into the underside as part of the payload.

Another fun play set. The bomber has a lot of swoosh factor and I could see the fun in using the stud shooters to fire down on the good guys.

There are a lot of great elements in there too and some interesting building to make the sturdy little bomber. I’m looking forward to drafting it sometime soon.

Keep building and enjoy!