Day of the Living Teal

The story of teal (as a LEGO® color) is a storied one. When my friends over at New Elementary announced a contest based on that history, I couldn’t help but picture a teal apocalypse.

I thought a little about the scene that I would create. I only have a few teal elements, so that was a limiting factor. What came to mind was a street scene with a horde of shambling teal ‘zombies.’ That meant some cars and scrappy heroes to fight off the nefarious bricks.

There was a problem. I’m really a rank amateur when it comes to building cars. Luckily I had recently seen a builder who posted how-to videos (I even blogged about it). A bit of color-swapping and I had a nice little sheriff’s cruiser. As for my heroes, I had some LBR minifigs that I hadn’t even opened…

Not a bad start.

Then I needed to block out a bigger scene. How about an over-turned delivery truck?

A bit more YouTube building and I had a nice little truck. My scene was coming together nicely.

The next step was to build a base for the whole thing. I wanted to keep it simple, so I built a street and sidewalk.

I couldn’t find any street light elements, so I brick-built one and gave it a tilt. I had to steal the green trash can from my son (he’s already started pestering for me to return it)!

Now that the base was built, it was time to add the other elements and set the scene.

Normally I don’t place elements loosely, but this worked out nicely.

The defenders look determined.

I’m quite happy with the finished scene and happily submitted it as my contest entry. I need to start building scenic bases for more of my models. I’ll post higher resolution images on my flickr account soon.

Keep building and enjoy!