72006 Axl’s Rolling Arsenal

Honestly, I picked this set up as a lark. I wasn’t so much drawn to any of the elements or colors as I was to the chunky tank that is practically a cube.

I mean, just look at that box. The tank is ridiculous and looks to have a rover that fits inside (keeping with the strange Russian-nesting-doll theme running through this years sets). I’m also keen to get a few more of those weird cyber-vampire minifigs.

The contents are substantial. Four big bags of elements and a small sticker sheet. I’m seeing a lot of technic elements.

A nice little sheet of stickers, but nothing very useful outside of this set.

The first bag contains one of the cyber-vampire bad guys and the jester that used to be the bad guy in the previous seasons of Nexo-Knights. The jester is beautifully printed, but probably a bit too specialized to be very useful. The bad guy, on the other hand, should be great for sci-fi builds.

Some great details under their armor. The bad guy’s head is the picture of a cartoon vampire, but the jester’s head is a little more awkward.

Both figs have great back printing and alternate faces (ish). That jester face is a bit sinister.

A lot of unusual transparent fluorescent reddish orange elements. I really like the blank nexo-shield in that color. The beveled corner tiles are new this year in pearl gold and I’m loving them.

That first bag builds the little rover (that will go inside the tank) and a flyer (that looks like it will dock on top of the tank). A lot of great color blocking and some interesting techniques to form the gun-wings for the flyer.

The other two minifigs are in the second bag. This looks to be yet another version of Axl, this time with a warm gold torso. I dig the shirtless bad guy too.

Nothing too surprising under their helmets, with an identical head for the second bad guy and Axl’s comically brutish mug.

Cool back print fo the bad guy and a raging alternate face for Axl.

A nice mix of interesting elements in the second bag. Those new inside curved plates are really sweet and I can’t wait to see them in more colors. I was surprised to see how uncommon those earth blue 2×2 plates are, so it is really nice to get six of them in the set.

Bag 2 builds the little bad guy flyer and the beginnings of the tank. You can’t see it in the picture, but that grating hinges up to create the front of the tank and it has some great warm gold and earth blue color blocking.

Bag three gives us a couple rare elements in flame yellowish orange.

The body of tank is coming together. The structure has a lot of technic elements and is really only solid from the front. The color blocking is looking great and I especially like the way that the warm gold elements trace lines across the model.

The last bag was mostly full of track link elements, but there were also these big panels. This is one that I’d love to see in some more useful colors some day.

The finished tank is quite a beast. There are pods on either side that can be extended to fire missiles, and hidden wheel in the back to make sure that the tracks will spin as it drives around.

This set was loaded with play features. Axl’s tank has all kinds of launchers, and even the bad guy’s flyer has a couple of stud shooters that fire their weird tech-spiders.

The price per piece was just a hair under 10¢ and I can’t say that I was overly impressed with the mix of elements (though it is a nice way to get a bunch of tank treads).

If I was a kid, I’d be over-the-moon about this set. As an AFOL, I’ll be perfectly content to absorb the parts into my collection, but I can’t imagine going out of my way to buy another copy.

Keep building and enjoy!


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