Nindjas (Mixels series 9)


The second tribe in series 9 is a trio of ninja-themed oddballs. I’m a big fan of orange, so I’m already looking forward to digging into some newly recolored elements.


Here they are channeling some Ninjago energy with the snake warrior, Cobrax.


Yep, a lot of black and orange in there. Kind of fitting with Halloween right around the corner.


No new elements, but these three are new or recent recolors. I’m particularly smitten with those orange ingot elements. I need to get my hands on a couple hundred of those and do something cool and spacy.


I missed the Nixel face when I mentioned the new elements. This is the only time they’ve used a black tile as the base. Cobrax is pretty great too. I love that his tongue is a snake, adding a nice layer of meta to the model.


I’m stoked to get some more of those eye elements. Spinza’s expression is great, it makes me want to build some more goofy little characters of my own.


More of the same, though there are some larger curved slopes and 4×4 round plates in black that I’m happy to see.


Fun character here with the fierce expression and the spinning action (courtesy of a technic pin). It’s worth mentioning that all three of the Nindjas can spin (the other two use turntables). I really like the use of the clip to represent the knot on his ninja mask.


Mysto rounds out the crew. My son instantly recognized him as the sensei of the bunch.


A bit more gray in this one and that bright orange washer tile looks tasty.


Here they are in all their glory. This is the first appearance of this tile in bright orange.


I have mixed feelings about the finished model. Some of the elements work well, but overall it just feels clunky and ham-fisted.


All together they are pretty fun. I’m not a fan of the color blocking on these models, but I still like Cobrax and Spinza quite a bit.


A quick teardown and rebuild gives us this patchy dragon ninja. Again, I just don’t like the color blocking that much here as the orange and black just seem way out of proportion. A lot of fun techniques in this model though, with some half-stud offsets and snot building.

Keep building and enjoy!