Newzers (Mixels series 9)


My reviews of series 9 wrap up with the Newzers, a tribe that consists of a tv news crew. Kind of a strange group, but fitting for the city-oriented final waves.


Screeno is the television-headed newscaster. A lot of great character here, especially the thick eyebrows and oversized teeth.


A nice mix of colors inside. I’m looking forward to have more of those new tombstone tiles to play with.


A lot of clever touches in this model. Fun elements too, though nothing particularly rare. I could easily get a few of these just as parts packs.


Next up is the helicopter cameraman, Camsta. I like the look of that printed tile on his side. Too bad that it will probably be hard to use again in the future.

I managed to lose my picture of the contents, but no real surprises.


Another custom Nixel face, this time with thick framed glasses. The finished Camsta model is big and odd. I like the camera eye.


Keeping with the obvious naming puns, their sound guy is Myke.


A bit more color in this one. Another of the mix tv tiles, too.


The finished model is boxy little monster. I like the boom mic, but the ‘headphones’ don’t really manage to translate.


All together, they complement each other nicely, helping cover the weak spots in the designs. A lot of great parts and useful colors in these guys.


It’s never done until they’re ripped apart and combined, so here is the Newzers MAX. Some aspects of the design don’t make any sense to me, but I’m more than happy with the finished model.


With series 9 all wrapped up, here is a final group shot with the MAXs. I’m struck with how much black there is in this series, with a much darker overall palette. Still handsome monsters, though.

I writing this last review I’ve realized why the Mixels have to go. I’ve enjoyed their run, but I just don’t have much to say about them anymore. I suspect that they’ll be missed, but better to go out while they’re still loved than to grind out a couple more series of steadily more boring models.

Farewell Mixels, you were a lot of fun!

Keep building and enjoy!