Trashoz (Mixels series 9)


The final series of Mixels have hit the shelves and of course I bought them all up. I’ll miss these packets of brightly colored elements and their cheery little monsters. First up in series 9 are the Trashoz, a tribe of helpful trash-gobbling city workers.


Gobbol, here, is a cheerful little doofus of a dumpster. I’m feeling the various green elements.


No real surprises here, though there are more black elements that I would have expected.


I like the finished Gobbol quite a bit. I love the addition of a bright orange fish (as well as the more common pearl silver hiding in his mouth). His eye/lid assemblies are a bit fragile, but he’s great overall. The Nixel explains some of those black elements, but there are a number of black snot bricks inside Gobbol.


Next up is this odd little street cleaning squirrel.


A bit more yellow in this one. Also, those fun brushes!


These brush elements are new in dark green and the 1×2 grill is new in earth green for this tribe. Outside these new elements, there aren’t many uncommon parts and colors in the tribe. In fact, I’m a bit disappointed with how many of these elements have been in the Pick-a-Brick wall for the last year as part of the Pick-a-Model program.


Sweepz is a fun little guy. I love his brusher arms and the sculpting of his little rodent head.


A trash truck named Compax rounds out the trio.


Tires in this one, which is a bit unusual for a Mixel.


I really like Compax, but he has a lot of awkward features. He has a pair of big wheels in the back, but nothing in the front, so he just scrapes along. His arms look great, but they’re totally impractical. His elbows don’t bend enough to get the shovels to his mouth. I shouldn’t be too surprised, as he is just the ass end of a trash truck.

for all those complaints, I still like the model. Fun details and techniques really give him character.


The assembled tribe have a lot of character. A nice color scheme with a few pops of color goes a long way.


No review would be complete without the Max. This bigger monster has a great mix of features, with brusher arms and pusher broom up front. He has wheels front and rear, so he can creep along without scraping. There is a bunch of clever snot sculpting in this guy too, so he’s worth the build.

Keep building and enjoy!