Pyrratz (Mixels series 8)


So many of us have a soft spot for pirates, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that they have finally shown up as a Mixel theme. Just from the packages, they look like a jolly bunch. Lets dig in and check them out!


Well, you can’t have a pirate crew without a captain and this one is a shark to boot! Sharx has all the pirate tropes, with a peg leg, hook hand, and an eye patch. Looks like fun.


Lots of tooth elements in that bag, but that only seems right for a shark.


This warm gold hook element is new (in this color) for 2016, and Sharx is the second set it has been used in. I love that the Mixel ball joints interconnect with so many other elements that have existed for years.


This might not be his best angle, but Sharx has a lot of personality. I like that he is basically all head and mouth (befitting for a shark). Nice snot work around his big nose too. He also has a gold coin secreted away on his person, a habit he shares with the rest of his tribe.


Next up is Skulzy, the skull/monkey swabby! Another peg leg and eyepatch!


A lot of white in this one, but that isn’t too surprising, considering that he’s pretty much just a skull with arms and legs.


Skulzy comes with a Nixel and that Nixel has a new face, a grumpy gus with an eyepatch. It’s also fun to get one of these shell elements since this is the first non-Elves/Princess set that it’s been in.


Lots of fun building this guy. I like the red bandana and all the clever parts usage.


The final member of the team is Lewt, a treasure chest/crab combo. I really like the eye stalks!


A nice amount of warm gold in there.


I’d overlooked it before, but those 1×2 plates with clips on the end have never been in dark brown before and they’ve been in every one of the Pyrratz. The warm gold claws are a new color too, just for Lewt.


He turned out great, easily my favorite of the bunch. A lot of great details in this model. I particularly like the stacks of coins for teeth.


They’re a fun bunch of oddballs. I really enjoyed all of the models in this tribe, but Skulzy and Lewt really stand out.


I have to say that I have mixed feelings about the Pyrratz Max. I like the pirate ship theme, but the mouth feels a bit forced and the Freddy Kreuger claws seem out-of-place.

Even if I don’t love the Max, I really enjoyed building the Pyrratz!

Keep building and enjoy.