MCFD (Mixels series 8)


Somehow, the Mixels just keep on delivering. After almost three years and dozens of tribes, they keep mixing it up. The firefighting Mixels of the MCFD bring elements of that evergreen LEGO City sub-theme to our favorite little monsters.


The gang starts out with Splasho, a water spewing, walking fire hydrant. Just from the packaging, I can tell this guy has a lot of character.


Nothing too surprising inside. The majority of the elements are red and there aren’t really any rare elements in this one.


Lots of fun building this guy. Great snot techniques to build the mouth and tuck the teeth inside. I like his long arms too, most Mixels just have stubby arms. This is the first time I’ve gotten my hands on those little ‘tooth’ tiles (I never got around to building series 7) and they’re as great as I’d hoped.


Next up is Aquad, the fire plane.


A bit more yellow and black in this bag.


A couple of interesting parts in this guy. That yellow fire hat is a new recolor unique to this set. The translucent light blue domes are only in one other set and new this year. I’m a sucker for translucent elements, so I’m stoked for these.


The finished model looks pretty good, but I found it a bit awkward in person. Those translucent light blue dots are ‘water’ for him to swallow and then drop on fires. He ejects them from a rear hatch. Mostly, I just found his mouth to be a bit too big for my taste.


The last guy in the gang is Hydro, some kind of wheeled fire ladder. I love the goofy look on this one.


Ooh, there’s that Nixel face!


Hydro comes with a pair of these bars in white. Those are exclusive to this set. I’m already thinking that I might need a pile of these for a future project.


Hydro looks great all finished. Lots of fun elements and clever design. I like that the Nixel appears to be on fire.


All together, the MCFD are a great set of models. I can’t say that the colors are that exciting for me, but there are a lot of interesting elements and fun techniques to be had. It’s also worth mentioning that these models have the highest piece counts in series 8, so a nice bang for your buck.


No Mixel review is complete without the Max, so no sooner had I built them, then I rendered them back to their component elements and built this guy. He’s a great stompy fella with a kind of water spraying tail. Home fun stuff here, but wait, there’s more!


A little manipulation and presto, he turns into a little fire truck. The front wheels are just decorative, but I still love the play function here.

Keep building and enjoy!