Medix (Mixels series 8)


I’ve been looking forward to the Medix since pictures first surfaced. All those aqua and medium azure elements are totally enticing. One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about Mixels is the strong color themes and that they tend to be great parts packs for those colors.


Let’s jump right in with Surgeo. It seems a bit odd to have medical themed  Mixels. This guy’s enormous syringe and hammer seem a bit sinister.


Yummy 4×4 medium azure plates in there and a bunch of aqua half-bows. Yay.


This is only the third appearance of the translucent clear dome and the dark stone gray bananas. The aqua half-bows are only found in the three Medix Mixels and they’re such a lovely color. There is only one non-Medix set for the 4×4 medium azure plates, so those are pretty exclusive too.


I like Surgeo and he was fun to build. One thing that bugs me is the syringe. It appears to be half full, but the colors are reversed. If he injected someone with that, they’d get a vein full of air and that ain’t good.


One of the nice features on this model is that the head can be swiveled around to give a very different look.


A lot of teeth on this guy. Are we sure these guys are here to help?


More of the same colors.


Another new Nixel face. This one looks a bit worried. He must have seen the doctors.


Well, Skrubz appears to be a combination defibrillator and surgical lamp. That poor Nixel has a broken leg (as simulated by a white leg). I love the colors, but I’m not sure about the medical care.


It is Tuth that cements the idea that the Medix are creatures of nightmare. A giant tooth wielding a toothbrush and an ice axe!


A bit more red in this one.


This 1×4 aqua plate is unique to this set for now.


A giant tooth (with teeth) seems like a bit of a nightmare, but the model is great. The shaping is superb and there is a lot of great snot building.


The Medix are a fun tribe with great models and some exciting elements. Their Max doesn’t disappoint either. He looks a bit like a manic oral surgeon, somehow keeping with the scary vibe.


Series 8 of the Mixels was a lot of fun to build. These were strong models and they give me confidence that the Mixel theme still has a fair amount of life left in it.

Keep building and enjoy!