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Daily Internet 7/31/15


Lego Samurai Mecha

Check out the lines and colors on this lovely samurai mecha by Andrea Chiapella.

Kebab shop

Moko makes simple look so good! This would be a welcome addition to any modular layout.

ARMT-H07LA Waltz

I might be a bit of a fanboy, but Lu Sim has been turning out beautiful mecha lately.

Gumo and his Yamaha BBL speederbike

This little ape-man on little flying machine by F@bz, put a smile on my face.

Isles of Aura Teaser

A teaser shot by Tim Schwalfenberg is salivating.

The LEGO Neighborhood Book


Lately, I’ve been spending a bit more time around train and town AFOLs and it has had me thinking about straying into minifig scale buildings. I saw some lovely models last month at BrickCon, that inspired me even further. I don’t own any of the ‘modular’ buildings that Lego has released, so the idea of building one of my own is a bit daunting. Lucky for me, The LEGO Neighborhood Book is the perfect introduction.

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The Arcology Project


As I explore the Lego world, poring over images of conventions, I am constantly impressed with the size and quality of collaborative builds. Recently, our PortLUG Lego Ambassador suggested that we might want to do more group builds and grow our presence at conventions. I started floating some ideas in my head and building prototypes until I settled on a standard that I dubbed ‘Arcology.’

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