Micropolis Monday: Pisces on the Canal

A canal might not be the ocean, but who could resist putting a sea food restaurant on its edge. Sunny summer days, dining on the deck with the water lapping below.


I grew up in a seaside town. I couldn’t resist a restaurant perched above the water. The deck offering views down the length of the tree-lined canal.


No tricky construction on this model, but I tried to pay attention to the details. I really like how the charming little restaurant building turned out. The little bits like the vents and hvac units on the roof are the icing.


I think the colors help to balance out this model. The warm tones of the trees are rather outsized, giving them a visual weight that enhances the building on the opposite bank.

This module marked the midpoint of my seven planned canal modules. Next week’s module is going to be huge though, so be sure to come back.

Keep building and enjoy!