Micropolis Monday: Jacobs Street Bridge

A city of canals is a city of bridges and my city is no exception.

I posted a quick digital design on my Instagram a couple weeks ago. I used that design as a reference for this build, but I had to deviate when I didn’t have the same arch elements in my studio. This led to raising the bridge up by a couple plates, which in turn led to the addition of slopes and stairs and so on.


This is another very simple module, with most of the difficult building in managing the stairs and trying to keep the slope on the roadway from being too ridiculous. I reused the trees from last week’s canal module and now I figure that I’ll line the whole canal with these trees.


I’m already thinking of other kinds of bridges that I can build in such a small span. I’m very glad that I added the canal to this project.


It’s a simple module, but I’m very pleased with the result. These minimalist builds are a great palate cleanser between the tiny complexity of the residential neighborhood and the much larger models that will be making up my commercial district.

Until next week…

Keep building and enjoy!