Micropolis Monday: Canal Amphitheater

Now that the more suburban section of my city is finished, I’ve started working on a canal. I’ve always liked the idea of rivers in Micropolis, but a canal is even easier to fit into a layout thanks to the more modest scale.


I kept the design simple, opting for opaque water, as I’m already planning on using a lot of transparent blues as glass. There is also the practical issue that placing translucent tile on top of opaque plate doesn’t give any visual depth, and often the studs show through in a distracting way.


From the other side, we get a better look at the historic statue looking out over the water. I’ve tried to imagine a lively waterfront where people can stroll along at the water’s edge, or above at street level.


Though the water looks empty here, I’ll be making little boats, much as I’ll be making cars and trucks to populate the roads.

Next week I’ll be building the first of a series of bridges!

Keep building and enjoy!