The LEGO BOOST Activity Book

I’ve been interested in LEGO robotics for years, but I’ve never tried my hand at it. Mindstorms seems like a bit much, but the BOOST system has so much potential for adding programmed (and controllable) motion to LEGO models. But how do I learn to harness the potential?

Enter The LEGO® BOOST Activity Book from daniele benedettelli and No Starch Press. Here is a lovely lesson-based book that expands on the simple projects in the BOOST Creative Toolbox. Some AFOLs prefer to muck about on their own, with little or no direction, but for builders that learn better in a structured environment, this new book is perfect!

In a very straightforward style, the book begins at the beginning. The author teaches you the basics of building with LEGO as well as the components of the BOOST system. Though AFOLs may scoff at this ‘common knowledge,’ I find that it super helpful for novice builders and should be indispensable for robotics enthusiasts with no previous LEGO experience.

Each chapter builds on that foundation. The first project is to build a simple wheeled robot, Mario! In each subsequent chapter the builder learns more and more advanced techniques that add to Mario’s capabilities.

Each of these chapters has well designed instructions with plenty of explanatory text. All of these projects can be built from the parts contained in the BOOST Creative Toolbox, keeping the parts investment to a minimum.

As the lessons progress, the programming becomes more sophisticated too. Care is spent explaining the logical structure of the programs and there are exercises the test the builders knowledge and understanding (with answers in the back of the book).

In the third and fourth parts of the book are entirely new projects, built around different models. Seventeen chapters in all!

This is a great book and definitely a great curriculum for learning or teaching basic robotics with BOOST. If you’re looking to get into LEGO robotics, this book is a perfect companion!

Keep building and enjoy!