Head Lopper Brickheads

About a year ago, I fell in love with Andrew MacLean’s Head Lopper. It’s the tale of a conan-like figure, Norgal, who travels the land dispatching evil. Often separating them from their heads.

Head Lopper Volume 1

Andrew’s visual art is fantastic and his world-building is top-notch! I could keep glowing about this awesome book, but I’m really here to show you something I built. A few month’s back Andrew announced a fan art contest on his Instagram. That was interesting, but when I realized that he’d be attending Rose City Comic-Con, I knew that I had to put together an entry.

I settled early on designing a Brickhead version of Norgal. I let it roll around in my head for a while, trying to distill the essential elements of the character. Then I just built it. My first pass was awesome and I was lucky enough to have all the elements I needed in my studio.

Andrew MacLean and Norgal

I was so happy with my little Norgal, that I gave him to Andrew at the show. I was pretty nervous about it, but he was great! We talked a lot and it was fun to share my art with him.

Once the show was over, I sat down to recreate the model that I had given away. I’d taken a bunch of photos to use as reference, so it wasn’t long before I had a digital version. Since Norgal is accompanied by the still-living head of Agatha the Blue Witch, I decided to make her too!

Norgal and Agatha as BrickHeadz

I think that they turned out pretty great!

Not only did I design and build these great models, but I made instructions for them too!

Head Lopper Brickheads
Head Lopper Brickheads
Size: 23 MB
Version: 1.0
Published: November 2, 2018

Keep building and enjoy!