70620 Ninjago City (part 2: The Street)

The lowest level of 70620 Ninjago City behind me, it’s time to get started on The Street. This set is already shaping up to be one of my all time favorites, with a great mix of elements, techniques, and minifigs. I’ve barely even gotten into the good stuff yet!

The seventh set of bags gives us Severin Black, the crab chef (and sometimes secret sushi chef). This is a great fig, with a beautifully printed torso and a cool, stained chef’s apron on the legs.

The crab motif continues on the back!

Some fun re-colors here. That dark azur technic brick is new and a bit of an easter egg, since it is entirely hidden on the finished model. The crab elements are new in brick yellow too!

The level starts off with the crab restaurant. The big grill has a fun play feature that allows you to ‘cook’ crabs. This section acts as the core that the rest of the level builds off of and attaches to.

This is Mother Doomsday. He runs the local comic book shop and he’s a big fan of Galidor. The ‘8’ bags are full of all the geeky treasures in his store.

His hairpiece is perfect for dudes with ponytails.

One of the few printed tiles in the set is this comic book and there is enough for a whole rack. The other treasure is the many colors of nanofig, six here and warm gold at a later stage.

The eighth set of bags adds two wings to the crab restaurant. The comic book shop is packed with details (including an annoying number of fiddly stickers).

Apparently Guy is rich, but he looks a bit normal to me. The pink torso with a fish element motif is great though!

A bit of printing on the back.

A lot of curved tiles in new and unusual colors in this set. The 1×1 round bricks are new in warm gold with this set and that new diagonal door frame is still uncommon.

Here we add a sidewalk along the front side of the buildings and the restaurant gets an ornate facade as well. A bunch of intricate details here made this section a joy to build.

Tommy is the Green Ninja’s #1 fan and he has the shirt to prove it. This fig is based on the son of one the set’s designers.

A few more interesting printed elements. The white plates with the black marks on the edges are used to make cool brick-built lettering.

This wave of bags (#10) add an upper section to the comic book shop and rails and signage galore. The finished effect is an overload of colors and details. This is a great section of the build to stare at and mine for ideas and inspiration.

In the ’11’ bags we find Juno. She’s a nice fig, and I like her parasol, but nothing very new here.

More fun re-colors in this section. My favorite has to be the new scarf element. Hopefully we’ll see these in a variety of colors for winter themed builds.

This fashion shop will sit above the restaurant and is stocked with cool accessories. A bit of snot building creates the big curved display window out front.

Lloyd finally makes his appearance in the twelfth set of bags. He has his hood down and this really nice hairpiece.

A nice alternate face, looking a bit wistful.

Landscape oriented AFOLs will love these new flower stems in dark brown! I’ve already started plotting how I can get my hands on more of these.

The fashion shop sprouts a pair of extensions, much like the restaurant below. A lot of work went into the cherry tree growing out of the abandoned construction site, but I find myself less excited with the unusual techniques that it uses.

Fewer interiors than the lower level, but more space and details for play. Like the previous parts of the build, it is easy to find narratives here and build stories for the characters.

When it is put together, this layer of the model is intense. There are so many details and colors and styles smashed up against one another. All the windows inviting us to peek inside and see what we can see.

So much set, and I still have more to build. I’ll finish off tomorrow with The High-Rise!


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