40123 Thanksgiving Feast


I’m a little late the post on this one, but I finally put together the seasonal set for the impending holiday. Looks like a nice Thanksgiving dinner with the grandparents.


Inside the we find a nice selection of elements in a seasonal palette of browns and dark red. There is a surprising amount of white in there.


The minifigs in this set are a fairly boring pair of grandparents. The torso on grandma seems a little odd, a low-cut bodice that seems strange to pair with pants. Neither fig has printed legs. Altogether they feel pretty low-budget.


The torsos have back printing. Grandma is showing a lot of back.


The set includes a nice little serving cart with pie, turkey, and an apple. As is usual for this kind of thing in minifig scale, everything is comically oversized, but I still like the model quite a bit.


The main build is this nice little scene with a dining table. The details are nice here, with a small sideboard/hutch, a houseplant, and a gourd on the table. As with the Halloween set, I find it disappointing that they opted to use a plain orange head for the pumpkin, when nice printed varieties have been available before.

Some sacrifices have been made due to the small space, but otherwise this part of the build is very satisfying.


As with many of the seasonal vignettes this year, the back side is nicely detailed. I like the classic fall foliage theme here, but it feels a bit odd, as if we are looking at items that would normally be in a shed or garage being stored on the outside of the house. I appreciate the effect, but it feels a bit forced.


The finished set is really nice. Despite some strange elements, I found the set very satisfying. Sadly, as I write this, the set is almost impossible to come by, long ago sold out from LEGO’s stores. If you see one for the original price, don’t hesitate to pick one up.

Keep building and enjoy!