40122 Trick or Treat


I’ve been very happy with this year’s seasonal LEGO sets. This run of 8×8 vignettes have been great sets full of interesting elements. At first glance, Halloween looks good too.


Those are a couple nice dark green plates, but otherwise the part assortment doesn’t look like much. I’m sad that the pumpkins are just unadorned orange minifig heads. Sadly all of the current jack-o-lantern elements are in licensed themes and unavailable for sets like this.


The included trick-or-treater is awkward, some kind of mix between witch and princess. I really like the cheery bodice print torso, but it seems at odds with the witch hat and pants. This minifigure is only a slope (to replace the legs) and a nice hairpiece away from being a kid princess.

The skeleton is an interesting choice too. Optimally, it would have been great to get the new CMF skeleton (which is a guy in costume), but I know that LEGO doesn’t cross streams like that. Still, nice to get a skeleton.


The girl’s torso has a lovely back print.


The finished set is nice. I can’t say that I like it as much as the previous seasonals, but it works for the theme. I like the spooky little tree. The front door is fine, but it lacks to polish of the other vignettes. The others all worked from either side, but this one just feels unfinished from the back.

I’m happy with the elements, and these will make a nice little price pack if any of them survive the holiday to get marked down. Otherwise, there isn’t much to get excited about here.

Keep building and enjoy!

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