40124 Winter Fun


I’ve really enjoyed this year’s slate of seasonal sets. There have been some that felt a bit lack luster (I’m looking at you Halloween!), but this one just looks like it was phoned in. Maybe LEGO really wanted to have an even six seasonal sets, but this one isn’t even tied to a holiday!


Nothing too surprising inside. Like most of these 8×8 vignettes, the base will be built from a pair of 4×8 plates. A nice amount of sand green bricks there.


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a set that only had shorties in it, but I’m digging these kids. Nice to include a husky too.


Of the two, only the boy has an alternate face, but he doesn’t get any back printing (hence the sad tear).


Since this set seems to revolve around things that kids might do in the snowy winter, they threw in a couple smaller models: a snowman and a sled. One little activity for each kid. I like both of these little builds, nice and simple, but fun.


The main event in this set is this front door. Yep, just a simple front door with a wreath and snow. I’ll admit that it is a handsome door, but I can’t say that it is anything to write home about. I do like it better than the door that came in that Trick or Treat set, as it does have a nicer solidity to it.


Turning things about, we can see that they’ve done little more than the bare minimum on this one. Every vignette in this set has some kind of detail to the back side, but this one is doesn’t have much.


All in all, this is a simple, but handsome vignette. It isn’t one of my favorites, but I don’t have any serious complaints either. It has a fairly low piece count for one of these seasonal sets. It’s probably a moot point, since these sets have mostly disappeared from stores by now.

Keep building and enjoy!