Two More Bags


It seems like I can’t get out of Guardian Games without buying a bag of used Lego lately. My last couple bags have been pretty great and very different in character. One of the great things about buying used Lego like this is that you never know what the bin will contain. Some days it’s just a bunch of battered old play-worn tripe. A week later it will be rife with great stuff.


This first bag was full of slopes and other useful tid-bits. Since I’m looking forward to building more scenery, I’m always on the lookout for earthy tones to build rock and dirt and greenery. As you can see, I scored a ton of light and dark grey. Since the bricks are used, the colors have a lot of variance that comes with age and exposure. That wouldn’t be so great for some, but it is perfect for the organic forms that I want to build.


I picked up a couple printed elements in the bag too: some dishes (from Star Wars sets, I assume) and a few slopes. That Ice planet logo is the cream here, but I do like Grimace’s smiling face too.


The second bag was more than a bit different. This time the bin had a bunch of interesting large elements. I managed to grab four burps and four more lurps. Those alone are worth the price of the bag. Since I packed them in first, I didn’t get quite as many other pieces, but since I still managed to pay about 3¢ a piece, I’ll count it as a bargain. I found a few translucent flourescent orange elements too, for even more awesome.


The printed elements weren’t quite as cool this time around, but they should come in handy for some detailing in the future.


Between the two bags, I managed to get 859 elements for $20 (about 2.3¢ per). That’s a fine deal for me. Now off with them to the sorting! The collection continues to swell and now I need to make time to sort and build.