March Cup

march_cupIt’s spring break in these parts, so the boy and I decided to start things out with a trip to the Lego store. Since we took the bus (meaning about a 1.5 hour trip each way), I figured that it would be an easy way to kill the day.

We went to the store earlier this month and the pick-a-brick wall had been pretty spare, so I was expecting to see some new stuff. I wasn’t disappointed. There were a lot of changes and some stuff that I wanted. My son was interested in getting some Mixels, so I filled a large cup.

When I got home and inventoried my haul, I was rather impressed:


  • 34 red 2×2 flowers
  • 8 translucent red gems
  • 52 light bluish gray 1×2 tiles with handles
  • 51 dark bluish gray 1×2 plates with arms turned up
  • 74 reddish brown 1×4 tiles
  • 44 white 2×2 jumpers
  • 136 white 1×2 grills
  • 210 pink 1×1 round plates
  • 289 pink 1×2 tiles
  • 124 purple 1×2 tiles
  • 49 bright green 5×6 leaves

Total: 1071 ($0.014 each)

I didn’t have a specific agenda with this cup, so I just grabbed things that I wanted. By taking mostly plates and tiles, I was able to fit enough into the cup to really bring down the price per piece. To save space, I stacked the leaves together and poured smaller pieces around them.

I also updated the entry on (which I heartily recommend updating, as it is a wonderful resource for AFOLs).

I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ll have in the wall next month.