Hello world!

I’ve started a new blog, and this one is going to be about Lego. I’ve been building with Lego since I was a wee lad and some of my earliest memories are of building on the floor while my dad worked. Over the years, my relationship with the hobby has waxed and waned. Now, I find myself getting involved again.

All of my favorite sets as a child were space themed. I have fond memories of the moonscape base plates and all the blue bricks and yellow transparent windows. Eventually those bricks were passed on to my younger brother and then passed on again. There is a certain nostalgia when I think of them still.

As a young man, I worked in a game store. We sold Legos there and I got back into them. I barely remember the sets, but there were castles and knights and submarines and pirates. I didn’t buy a lot, but I didn’t part with them either. Life turned away from ‘childish’ hobbies for a while and they slept in the closet.

About seven years ago I started buying again. The Exo-Force sets got me going with giant robot kits that had a distinct anime influence. I bought just about all of them. I bought big sets. I discovered the Creator line and bought a bunch of them. I even trolled about for sales and took advantage of sales. All of these Legos wound up getting put away after my son was born. I was too busy as a new parent and all those little bricks were choking hazards.

This year, my son turned 5 and made the transition from Duplos to Legos. That got me looking at the catalogs again and starting to drool. We’ve been making monthly trips to the local Lego store and we both come back with sets. Lately it has been Chima and Galaxy Squad sets for me.

This week I finally brought all of my old Legos up from the basement. There was more than I remembered. Huge tubs of barely sorted bricks. I’ll be sorting and organizing for weeks, but then again that is one of the allures of the hobby, feeding my own genus of compulsion.

Last month I attended my first LUG (Lego User Group) meeting. I met other men who shared the hobby and I was able to talk about them without feeling childish. And now I’ve started a new blog for my new/old hobby. I don’t know what kind of posting schedule I’ll keep, but I hope to ramble on about bricks and share pictures of my projects. Enjoy!