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Rose City Comic Con 2015


This last weekend PortLUG had a booth at our local Rose City Comic Con. We’d never put on a display at a comic convention before so it was all new territory for us. What made it even more interesting is that we were invited to present a panel on building Lego. I threw my hat in that ring and signed up for the madness. Continue reading Rose City Comic Con 2015

Scaling Micropolis


Building at small scales can be tricky. LEGO is a versatile building system, but elements can only get so small before they are too small to handle and interconnect. The smallest common element is a 1×1 plate which would be 7.5 feet across and 3 feet high in Micropolis (making it about 1:285). That is a grainy pixel!

Continue reading Scaling Micropolis

75108 Clone Commander Cody


I grew up on Star Wars. As an adult, my taste in science fiction has veered away, but my son and I have watched most of the Clone Wars series. When I first saw the images for these new Star Wars Buildable Figures, I was excited to see the potential. When they finally came out last week, I picked up a lowly Clone of my own. Continue reading 75108 Clone Commander Cody


Good progress so far. The hull is mostly blocked out and I’ve started adding details. I built most of the weapon systems today (I figured out how to mount the missile pods after I took the picture).

I might do a bit of rebuilding tomorrow. There is a row of grills along the bottom of the domes and I’d like the plates behind them to be black instead of various shades of gray.