Monthly Archives: July 2014

70161 Tremor Track Infiltration


I haven’t been buying many sets lately, but this is one that I’ve had my eye on for a while. Who wouldn’t love a tank with big punching fists driven by an armored strong-man. I was given a copy the other night in return for participating in a display at a local library and it seemed like a perfect time to review a new set.

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Two More Cups

Usually, I restrain myself to a single Pick-A-Brick cup a month. The pieces that I’m buying are often speculative, so even one cup is a bit of an indulgence. This month, I’ve been building Arcology modules and finding myself woefully low on basic bricks. It helps too, that the wall has had a lot of great elements in it lately, enough to send me back for more.

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The Arcology Project


As I explore the Lego world, poring over images of conventions, I am constantly impressed with the size and quality of collaborative builds. Recently, our PortLUG Lego Ambassador suggested that we might want to do more group builds and grow our presence at conventions. I started floating some ideas in my head and building prototypes until I settled on a standard that I dubbed ‘Arcology.’

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Waka’s Robot Factory


I follow a number of builders on flickr and my feed is full of mecha, space, and microscale builds. As I’ve mentioned before, I am drawn to Lego mecha and I follow a number of Japanese builders on flickr, just for their intricate mecha models. One of those builders, Tomoyuki Wakata (legorobo:waka) has just released a lovely how-to book for building Lego mecha

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