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Birds From Bricks


My favorite thing about LEGO Ideas are the original sets, so it was no surprise that I really enjoyed the 21301 Birds set when it came out. At the time, I commented that I would have liked to see a whole line of bird sets, but is wasn’t in the cards. Thankfully, there is a new book out by Thomas Poulsom (whose models led to the set) on how to build birds. Continue reading Birds From Bricks

21301 Birds


I’ve been excited about the wave of new Ideas sets based on original concepts, and the latest Birds set is no exception. I had voted for the set, so I was very excited when it got the requisite 10,000 votes and was approved to become an official set. I braved the mad crowds at my local Lego store on New Years Day and bought myself a copy.

Continue reading 21301 Birds