Micropolis Monday: 12 Castle

Last week I doubled up with two full-block builds. This week I went in the other direction with something small and tall.


This building was inspired by a sketch that I saw on Instagram. I forgot to save it, but I was struck by the minimalist tower with luminous notches. As I played with the proportions, I wanted something with a small enough footprint to fit beside some of my more stout towers. The result is this tower that rises over 300 feet with a footprint that is only 75 by 75 feet.


I really like how the notches change the tower’s silhouette as it is seen from different angles. Combined with the ground level glass facade, the building has a sense of mass that just seems to float.


The roof hides away the usual mechanicals: a pair of over-sized HVAC units and a water tank, amid a green roof.

This was a nice departure from some of my other builds, but I’m looking forward to something more detailed and whimsical next week.

Keep building and enjoy!