Micropolis Monday: Open Square

This week’s build is a mix of things that I’ve been seeing around, with a cluster of small-and-talls on a on a single, large lot.


Here we have eight homes squeezed onto a single module. Each home has three floors and roughly 1500 square feet. There are no yards, but there is a central courtyard. Each house has a different layout, as seen by the mix of window locations.

I particularly like the way in which these buildings almost appear as a single structure, yet in fact they have been sliced into unique, individual volumes.


Less windows on the back side of the houses, where all they might see is their neighbor’s roofs.


I find this kind of density very interesting. This plan creates five or six times the living space as pair of traditional homes might in on a similar lot.

Next week, maybe something a bit more traditional.

Keep building and enjoy!