41335 Mia’s Tree House

The Friends theme has been a reliable source of unusual colors and new elements for years, but this year seems especially good. In my constant quest for cool elements and good draft sets, I stumbled upon 41335 Mia’s Tree House. This is a good one!

Just a cursory glance at the box and I’m almost blinded by the colors! I can see the new flower plates in four different colors. Dark azur, lavender, bright orange and lime elements all over. Let’s dig in.

Three bags of elements, all with a wide variety of colors inside.

This sticker sheet is so close to being amazing, but really, how useful will bright yellowish green boards be for most builders? The ‘keep out!’ and ‘no touch’ are nice, though.

Even before opening any of the bags, there are four larger elements that are worth looking at. The 6×16 bright yellowish green plate has only appeared in a couple of other sets and this is only the second time we’ve seen the flexible tube in lavender. The netting element appeared once in bright yellow last year and now in bright orange.

The minidolls are both in the first bag. They’ve redesigned all of the Friends characters this year and they look nice, with detailed printing on just about every elements. The boy’s hair seems to be new in new dark red.

Not much in the way of back printing.

A motherload of new elements in bag 1. Four of the new leaf element in bright green and 23 of the new flower element in four different colors! Considering the wide number of sets these are appearing in, they’ll be common in no time.

The first bag builds a tiny hutch for the bunny and the main platform of the treehouse. No tricky techniques, but a lot of fun details.

The second bag has more fun inside. It’s great to see those 4×4 macaroni tiles in dark azur, as well as the bright orange door and a couple of new lavender recolors. I love the detail on the pizza tile!

This might be the first time that I’ve seen a printed mug and I’m quite pleased not to have yet another transparent medium reddish violet mug.

The crazy hodge-podge of colors in this set only gets worse with the second bag. At this point the tree house itself is just about done, all that is left is the roof and a few more play features.

The third bag doesn’t disappoint, with a pair of 4×8 plates in dark azur and 2×3 tiles in medium nougat, both of which are new. I think the map tile may be new as well, and it certainly is cute.

We finish everything up in the third bag, adding the roof and a bird’s nest and a zip line. This is a busy little model and the colors!

The inside of the tree house has some nice details, including a couple crates of toys and secrets!

The finished model is a lot of fun. It’s not my taste in any way, but I’m far from the target audience. A lot of great play value in there for the kids!

As a draft set, I think it will be spectacular. There is a wide variety of colors and new elements that should satisfy just about any builder.

Keep building and enjoy!

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