70610 Flying Jelly Sub

The marine themed vehicles in the LEGO® Ninjago Movie are pretty fantastic. Unfortunately for me, a number of them were exclusive to retailers that I don’t usually patronize. So here I am finally breaking into this 70610 Flying Jelly Sub.

Just looking at the box, there is a pretty good value here: about 7¢ per piece and four minifigs in a $30 set. Not to mention a lot of tasty sand blue elements!

It’s a bit hard to see, but nestled amidst those three bags of elements is a big (8×8) dome canopy! Though it isn’t really unique to this set, this is the first time we’ve seen one since the 2011 Alien Conquest theme. Two instruction booklets in the set, one for each vehicle, and a small sheet of stickers. A nice, full box.

Though I didn’t apply the stickers, they’re nice. I particularly like the caution stripes. The numbers have a nice military/industrial look, so builders might find those useful too.

Bag one starts with the good stuff. Jay is the ninja in this set, clad here in his full outfit. The print is fantastic as usual. The jelly-fish themed Shark Army guy is unique to this set and has a torso printed with trailing tendrils to match his cool jelly headgear.

Without their headgear, the figs have great faces. A nice nervous smile on this side of Jay’s head. The Shark Army guy has a great generic tough-guy face. I’m looking forward to repurposing all these Shark Army parts for tough paramilitary dudes.

Both torsos have some nice back printing. Jay has a more determined face option on this side of his head.

The two hemispheres that make the jelly fish helmet are beautifully printed in three colors.

Some great parts in the first bag. Those transparent fluorescent blue plates are a fantastic color and I’m going to need to get more. That printed double cheese looks to be new as well and makes a perfect sci-fi console. The 4×4 macaroni bricks are unique to this set in sand blue and the curved slopes are new this year, mostly appearing in LEGO Ninjago movie sets.

The bag one build it the top half of the jelly sub. There are some clever techniques in use and some good details. I like the coffee cup in the cockpit as a classic LEGO detail, I kind of wish they had used the ubiquitous red mug instead. A hearty pile of extra elements in this bag, too.

The second bag has this hammer-head guy. The chest piece and the headgear are a single piece, which I find a bit disappointing.

Another great tough guy under the helmet, this time with reddish facial hair.

A wealth of sand blue curved slopes in bag 2. They aren’t unique to this set, but welcome none the less.

The rest of the jelly sub gets built from the second bag. There are some cool techniques in how the six legs are mounted and articulated, ones that I might need to steal in the future.

The last bag gives us a frightened civilian. Like many of the figs in this theme, he looks like an Asian peasant and should find a great second life in historical models.

The torso has very minimal printing. Unfortunately the head doesn’t have an alternate face, though the hair piece probably could have covered it.

These reddish-brown lattice elements have only appeared in a couple other sets. There is also a short section of black rigid tube, unique to this set (at this length, at least).

I like this little boat a lot more than the one that comes in 70620 Ninjago City. There is a lot of detail packed in a tiny boat.

The only thing that I found odd about this set was the pacing, with the main protagonist in the first bag and the secondary vehicle being built at the end. A lot of other sets would have reversed this order, generally saving the best for last.

The finished set is pretty great. I really like both of the vehicles and I bet that kids would get a lot of play value out of them.

For me, there are some really cool elements and some interesting techniques. I can’t help but think this would make another good draft set.

Keep building and enjoy!

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