40261 Thanksgiving Harvest

I was at my local LEGO® store this last weekend for a birthday party and I spied stacks of seasonal sets. I’d already missed the Halloween set, so I wasn’t going to leave without at least one of each. Lets start out with this years Thanksgiving set.

A nice selection of fall colors: various oranges, greens, and reds. A lot of those little flower plates that I like so much too!

Some fairly interesting elements for such a small set. Those large foliage elements have been in dark orange for years, but never before in a set this small. This is only the third set where the flower plates have appeared in bright orange. The rest of these elements have similarly only appeared in a few other sets. As usual, this seasonal set maintains their reputation for being excellent parts packs.

The minifigs in the set are pretty much what you would expect for a rural harvest scene. None of their parts are unique, but the heads and the short legs in new dark red are uncommon.

Each torso has back printing, but otherwise these are simple figs.

The finished set is a very satisfying collection of small builds. Each of the models fits around a classic fall harvest theme. Though there are no fancy techniques being used here, it was still fun to put together and I particularly enjoyed the brick-built birds.

As usual, the seasonal vignette sets don’t fail to please. Even if you don’t want one on your mantle, the price alone (7.5¢ per piece) should justify picking up this one!

Keep building and enjoy!