70608 Master Falls

I’m always on the lookout for good draft sets and the LEGO® Ninjago movies sets have a lot to choose from. This set caught my eye with the great selection of colors and elements. Also, the bare-chested jungle Garmadon is too good to pass up!

A bit surprised to see just two bags, but they were beefy. A lot of elements in there. No stickers!

All the minifigs are in the first bag. Kai and Master Wu are pretty much the same as the ones that came with 70618 Destiny’s Bounty, except that we get Kai’s amazing new hair piece. This is a great element and I hope that it sticks around, because I can see it getting a lot of use for dramatic figs.

This Garmadon is the real gem. He’s bare-chested (my son commented on the chest hair)! He also comes with one of the new coolie hat elements (in dark brown) and that cool jungle camouflage capelet. So many great components here.

A few interesting elements in bag 1. None of them are unique to this set, but great to have. I love getting new map tiles and this one is new for the theme, only appearing in one other set.

Bag one builds the far end of the bridge, with some kind of ruined doorway, covered with greenery. On the other side is a chamber with a skeleton clutching the map. Simple build techniques here and some rock panels to fill space.

Again, nothing unique in bag two. I’m a bit in love with medium nougat, so I’m stoked to get my hands on these track elements. They’ve only appeared in one other set, which was more expensive and had half as many.

Bag two builds out the bridge, the near end (with braziers) and the cage. The bridge is the main attraction here, so the relatively simple structures at either end are forgivable. Interestingly, there is a rock at the midpoint that rises up to support the bridge and make it fairly stable.

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Some interesting details in the set.

All finished, this is a handsome set. Though there wasn’t anything exciting about the build, it was satisfying and most of the flaws are easily overlooked. Considering the other sets in the theme, this one seems a bit underwhelming.

As a draft, I think this set will be great. A decent price per piece (9.6¢) and a fun selection of elements. I’m looking forward to it.

Keep building and enjoy!

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