40237 Easter Egg Hunt

I’d been eager to get my hands on this set since I saw it on the back of the instructions for 40236. As soon as they showed up at my local LEGO store, I made sure to grab a few (okay, 5). I could care less about the holiday, but I sure love the sets!

Three excellent little bags inside, a lot of parts for the price!

Some great elements in this set. None of these elements are unique to 40237, but in most cases they’ve only been in a handful of much more expensive sets. This is the first non-Angry Birds set to include those egg elements. A great parts pack here.

Two nice minifigs included. Though they are both city generic, many of these elements are uncommon. Those medium nougat short legs are only in one other set, which was actually a Dimensions pack.

Both torsos have back printing, and the woman’s head has an alternate face with sunglasses.

The finished set is a lot of fun. The build is simple, pretty much nothing but brick stacking, but the result is charming and a great example of the kind of details that bring city builds to life. Each of the three modules has an egg hidden somewhere, adding a bit of play.

This is a great little set, with something to offer most any builder. On top of that it makes a lovely parts pack, with a variety of useful and uncommon elements for an excellent price per piece.

This year’s seasonal sets continue to impress. It’s too bad that we’ll have to wait for fall before we see more.

Keep building and enjoy!