31062 Robo Explorer

It’s a new year and there are a lot of new LEGO sets available. Just this last weekend I was at my local store and spotted this little beauty. I have a soft spot for robots, and as any of my fellow builders can tell you: I love bright colors. I added this to the pile  without hesitation.

With the contents spread out on my table, I have to say that they look a bit meagre. Just over 200 elements in a $20 set, which feels a bit light for a Creator set. Some of that might be the light brick, but those bags look thin.

I’m liking the mix of colors and elements. That medium azur is sweet. The other thing about this set is that there are very few bricks in it, opting for a plates and bows and other ‘dense’ elements.

Once I dug into the bags, I found a number of interesting bits. The part inventory isn’t listed on brickset yet, so I’m not sure about rarity, but still some goods. I like these newer light bricks, where the batteries can be changed, and I don’t have many of them yet. I’m not sure that I’ve seen that wheel element before, and I’m liking the white. Those reddish-brown cross-axles with stoppers are a color I’ve never seen before, and the longer one seems uncommon too. Transparent headlight bricks are another treat, as are the transparent fluorescent green cheeses. Rounding things out are a selection of inverted bows in the spaciest of grays, medium stone gray!

All of that and I haven’t even talked about the fist full of medium azur elements, including a variety of bows and tiles.

The finished model is a fun build. A fair number of cool techniques, especially in the use of snot and bows for shaping. Those tracks are a bit slippy, but a wheel tucked in the back makes sure that they turn when it moves about. I was going to rim it apart and build the alternate models, but this guy had too much character to die so quickly. I have him sitting on a shelf at my bedside for now.

A decent selection of extras in the set too.

All in all, I fun set. I’ll probably push it for a draft at a future LUG meeting and I’d certainly suggest it for anyone who enjoys robot models.

Keep building and enjoy!