Weldos (Mixels series 6)


Those scrappy Mixels just keep on keeping on. With every wave they manage to stay just fresh enough to hit the sweet spots. My son loves the goofy characters and I love the elements. The lastest wave is no exception, so lets start with the Weldos, a clan of construction themed Mixels.

It is obvious that yellow is going to be the predominate color for this trio, with a fair amount of black and gray mixed in, to evoke all those big yellow construction vehicles of our childhood dreams.


Let’s get started with Kramm. His mouth looks like the backend of a garbage truck and he has a jack hammer arm. It’s on.


Inside we can see a couple of boulder elements (just the top halves though) and a ton of yellow and black. It’s also worth noting that the Weldos all have piece counts in the mid 60s to 70s. That makes for a nice price per piece.


I like most of Kram. He’s short and stout and looks like a yeller. The main problem I have with this model is the lack of articulation. I can get over the stompy rock feet, but the jack hammer arm juts straight out from the body with very little freedom of motion. He wouldn’t even be able to get it pointed down. Huh.


Next up is Forx. Check out the eyebrows and that big bucket of a mouth. I can’t say that I see the construction equipment in his lineage, but he is definitely a character.


Inside, we see more of the yellow and black.


Looking a little closer I find these curiosities. Those new style tiles w/ clip have only come in yellow a couple of times before, so they are a welcome addition. The treasure here is the dark stone gray banana elements! Those are going to see a ton of uses. I’ve already seen them as wisps of dark smoke in microscale builds.


Assembled, Forx is a great face. I like the big schnoz and bushy eyebrows. The asymmetrical claw elements on the top of his head seem to evoke a comb-over. Only now am I realizing that this guy is the loud-mouthed foreman of the crew!


Wuzzo is the guy that caught my eye when I first saw the Weldos. Check out that chainsaw nose!


Lots of pieces for this guy. Most of that has to do with the special King Nixel that comes in this set. You can just make out this face down at the bottom.


Some nice uncommon elements here. Those lidded eyes aren’t too wide-spread, so I’m happy to get more. I’m loving that pearl gold 2×2 jumper! The King Nixel’s face looks quite villainous.


These two are a fun pair. The King Nixel looks rather dastardly on his little throne and Wuzzo can be very expressive, since the eyes are mounted in such a way as to allow them to rotate to different expressions. Some nice, simple snot usage to create his chainsaw face.


These guys make a handsome crew. A nice mix of personality and a bold color scheme that fit the concept nicely. I can certainly see buying more of these for parts packs (and I suspect that Blacktron fans might already be thinking about it).


Of course, no sooner did I get all three put together then I disassembled them so that I could build their Max. This guy is big and chunky. I love the strange, sideways mouth and the boulder/wrecking ball suspended from over his head. What I don’t like the return of the poorly articulated jack hammer arm that we saw on Kramm.

The hooded eye is a nice touch though. He looks like he is barely concerned with the prospect of things that don’t want to be smashed.

Keep building and enjoy!