Munchos (Mixels series 6)


I’ve been looking forward to these cheerful guys for a while. It is exciting to get a nice selection of purple (and medium lavender) elements. They have fun little food accessories too!


We’ll start out with chipmunk cheeked Snax. I”m excited about those purple domes.


Lots of great colors in the bag. Those medium lavender 4×4 round plates are the variety with a 2×2 hole in the middle. I keep getting more of those donut plates, but I haven’t figured out a good use for them yet.


A nice selection of newly recolored elements in purple and medium lavender. I’m really happy to see those brackets in more useful colors.


The finished model is a wide-mouthed monster with big hollow cheeks that he can fill with food. I like his big goofy head, but I am a bit disappointed in the bare gray neck. It wouldn’t have been too hard to include a couple of plates to give it some color to match the rest. I’ve seen this before on other Mixels and it feels like lazy design.


Berp is a silly four-armed fellow. I see that medium lavender bucket that has appeared in a couple of friends sets.


No surprises here, but I do spy parts for a Nixel.


The finished model is fun. He has four arms for shoveling food into his big bucket mouth. His eyes are a bit awkward, perpetually turned skyward, but since Mixels tend to be seen from above, this is forgivable. I really like the lime cherry elements here. They’ve been in a few other sets, but they were new to me.


Ahh, Vaka-Waka, you strange two-faced little beastie. He’s the oddest of the lot and I love him for it.


A lot of elements in this one. Should turn out to be a hefty model.


He’s a chunk. The finished model is the bulkiest of the tribe, with a flip top head that allows you to drop small food items into his belly… so they can be seen in his second mouth. I really don’t know where this guy came from, but somehow a ravenous two-mouthed Mixel seems to fit the theme.

Sadly, I didn’t get a decent group shot before I tore them down, but the Max is great.


The Muncho’s Max is a toad-like beast. Just like Vaka-Waka before him, he features a head that flips up and allows you to drop food into his belly. The difference is that his bigger mouth has room to accept and entire Nixel, which you can then see through his transparent belly. To take things out, his backside hinges open.

Yep, he has pooping action.


On that note, I’ll leave you with a group shot of the Series 6 Maxes. They’re a good-looking crew and you won’t be disappointed.

Keep building and enjoy!