40153 Birthday Cake


I’m a sucker for these cute little exclusive sets. On a recent trip to my local Lego Store (where I was picking up the models I had on display), I found this set on the shelf and took one home.


A nice selection of curved elements in a various shades of brown. Nothing particularly rare, but this could still be a nice parts pack a builder that needs those curves.


The rarest elements are the ones that make up the jester, having only appeared in a few sets before. Even though he doesn’t need a pair of legs, it seems a little odd that they weren’t tossed in.


The finished build is a bit busy for my tastes. The irregular repetition up the layers of the cake just doesn’t work. I do appreciate that the numbers can be built for any two digits. I built mine for my upcoming birthday.


Pressing a lever in the back pops the jester up. He looks pretty happy for a man with no lower body. Honestly, this in fairly adorable.


The set comes with a fair number of extras (though all the ones on the right are there to facilitate building other numbers).

All said and done, this isn’t that great of a set. On its own the cake model is rather unattractive. It might be a must-have for Lego themed birthday parties, but there isn’t much here for the AFOL. The sole redeemer is the relatively low price per piece at a hair over 8¢.

Enjoy and keep building!