40091 Thanksgiving Turkey


My latest seasonal set purchase is this cute little turkey. I’ve enjoyed the bat that I built for Halloween, so I picked up this handsome gobbler a couple of weeks ago. Our family tradition tends toward a meatless Thanksgiving feast of side dishes, so this turkey might make an adorable centerpiece.


The part count is nice (125) for a $10 set. Inside the box the elements are divided into a pair of bags.


The instructions are simple and unadorned, as I would expect for a generic set. The build was fun but unchallenging, a smattering of snot techniques, but nothing that isn’t standard fare.


All put together, it’s a handsome, but unremarkable model. I would have liked to see a little more color, some medium nougat could have livened up the brown body. Small gripes aside, it’s a fun little set and well worth the money.

Keep building and enjoy!