Technique Articles

writing_setupOne of the things that I’ve been wanting to do with this blog is write about technique. I’ve been building a lot of micro scale in the last year, trying to understand the design euphemisms and techniques. My work seems to be paying off, as I have been getting lots of great feedback on my builds.

The thing that I get the most comments on are my trees, so I will start my technique articles by talking about those. There are so many lovely ways to build small trees that I will divide each of my articles into different classes defined around a specific core technique.

Within each class of tree I will explore variations that come with the use of different elements and color choices. My hope is to begin constructing a library of reference designs that will be useful to builders of all levels.

The plan is to post technique articles on Fridays. I think that I have enough ideas to get me started, at least three or four classes of trees, probably more. After that I’ll see what inspires me. I’ve already got some ideas based around the micro scale fantasy builds that I’m planning, so there should be plenty of material.

I do hope that these articles will be helpful to other builders. Please leave feedback in the comments, I would love to hear other ideas or applications. None of these ideas are exclusively mine, drawn as they are from the works of other builders. If I can pay that forward, then I’ll be quite happy.

I apologize for this rambling introductory post, but I had more to say than I wanted to shoehorn into my first real post. Tune back in next Friday for a post about my happy little trees.